Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, its now 8pm* on MLK day, a day that I had home from work and on which I hoped to do many important and exciting things...and my ass is still on the couch. Have I done anything exciting today? No. I did yoga with the help of my trusty Rodney Yee videos. I ate some cereal. I cleaned the cage of my geriatric guinea pig. I cleaned my bathroom. And I sat in front of my laptop and wasted time on the internet. Wow. That's a sorry way to spend a day off.

At least I'm showered and dressed- although that's little consolation since I'm STILL IN THE HOUSE.

Ugg. I'm such a sluggard.

*When I wrote this my home computer wasn't allowing blogger to function properly, so I had to save it and post it today.

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