Wednesday, May 09, 2007


It's official. My Brain has shriveled up. It has shriveled up into a Lazy Good for Nothing Crotchety Old Brain and has become a Bad Tenant. There it sits, lying about in my skull taking up space without providing me the Ideas that serve as its rent. I mean seriously. Does it think I'll just let it stay there without giving me anything in return? My skull is not called a Slum Lord behind its back for nothing- Skull expects payment! Payment in Brilliant and Amusing Anecdotes on which this Very Important Blog subsists.

Well dear friends, Skull has tacked the eviction notice up on Brain's door, threatening violence unless ideas are provided, so hopefully this dearth of posts will not continue.

Until then my friends, Skull offers up Amusement From Another Source to tide you over. I give you...

Burrito Cat.

Enjoy until next time.