Tuesday, January 16, 2007


You decide.

*I love Mr. Tyler and wish him no emotional harm due to this post. It's ok Steven, it was just an unflattering moment caught in freeze frame. We know you can still rock the mic AND the leather pants.


Noelle said...


When I first saw this picture, I thought ape. But now that you bring up Gollum... Perhaps Steven Tyler has some magical ring that keeps him alive unnaturally. Ick!

Hope V said...

My Precioussssssssssss.

Anonymous said...

Steven Tyler is far from 'ick' hun.
He is fucking sexxxy as all hell, and I think he can pull off spedos very well personally.
And he doesn't look anything like Gollum, that's so rude.
He was running, and he is 63, so when you are 63, you try wearing a spedo or a two peice and you run around like that, and we'll see how much better you look.
-Autumn Vice

Hope said...

Autumn Vice-

Did you read the bottom of the post? I agreed that Steven Tyler rocks, and I even said that he still looks great in the leather pants.

Please read the entire post next time!