Sunday, November 04, 2007


DOH! I have failed NaBloPoMo on DAY THREE! This is a new low- even for me! The darn charger was not working again yesterday and when I tried to turn on the computer last night- NOTHING. AND my trusty sidekick was not here to hold in the charger while I frantically tried to type out at least two sentences before the computer went dead. post. Day three- No Post. prize for NaBloPoMo...BUT I will finish the race nonetheless. Hobbling and ragged perhaps, maybe missing a toe (Horrid Day Three NaBloPoMo Toe Accident) but I will cross the line at day 30 with 29 posts. :) Or maybe 28. Or 27. Or 26.

What can I say, I keep my goals Lofty. That's how we roll over here at Very Important Blog.


Noelle said...

You're still a winner in my eyes...

I'm so afraid of missing a post at the end of the month, I kind of wish I missed one at the beginning, just to take the pressure off.

Hope said...

Awwwww thanks! Yeah, the pressure is off, but I'm still going to try. It's a good motivation to DeStagnate my blog. Cause the damn thing was STALE.

Thanks for thinking I'm a winner! I will hold that in my mind for when I need some warm fuzzies on a cold day of faltering self esteem. :)