Monday, April 16, 2007


Checking SiteMeter for the Google Searches that lead people to this blog has become my new favorite hobby (yes, I will give you No Life and raise you Bored As Hell). I listed three in the below post, but since then there have been so many more- ALL of which indicate the level of class in which this Very Important Blog happens to fall- so I wanted to list them here for your own enjoyment:

a. Slimy feet
(Yup, I feel ya there. Slimy feet are the WORST)

b. Eye poking nipples
("poking nipples" seems to be a common theme- see Exhibit G and previous post- but eye poking nipples is an interesting variation on this theme)

c. Fart fungi odor (I got nothing for this one...sorry about your fart problem.)

d. Foofaraw skin
(What? How do these two words go together?)

e. Bug things in the 1980s
(My personal favorite...I wonder what bug thing this person was trying to find...any ideas?)

f. Everyone is of equal importance
( did this get in here? It clearly doesn't fit in with the nature of this Blog.)

g. Poking nipples blog
(Again with the poking nipples...)

h. Bump proof lock blog posts
(What's a bump proof lock and why would someone blog about it?)

I was looking through all of these with my boyfriend, who thought it was hilarious that all these bizarre and often disgusting-"fart fungi odor" is a perfect example- searches were linked to my blog (sure buddy laugh it up...where's YOUR blog? Oh wait, you don't have one because you happen to have a fulfilling and important career as a scientist studying cancer and have no need for such frivolous time wasting. Right...I forgot. My mistake...Sigh...I hate when people are doing meaningful things with their lives...) But ANYWAY, I digress, he thought the funniest one was the person who was looking up:

"reasons for facial tics"

Some poor person was looking up reasons for why they have some horrid facial tic and they got linked here. Needless to say, they didn't stick around long. I suppose that reading all about Hope's disdain for wet feet and the Communist Leanings of Local Squirrels isn't top priority when one is dealing with involuntary facial spasms... Poor soul. I hope they have found relief from their tic.


Noelle said...

The internet taught me that vitamin B is the best thing for eye twitches. I hope the facial tic sufferer fares as well. Now excuse me, I'm off to check my analytics...

Hope V said...

That's a good tip. See...if the facial tic sufferer had taken the time to actually read my blog when he/she stumbled upon it, they might not be suffering anymore due to your suggestion. You never know what pearls of wisdom you may find in a post and/or it's comments. :)

Hope V said...
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