Thursday, January 18, 2007


From the New York Post:

January 18, 2007 -- This bum really can't catch a break - an Upper East Side antiques dealer has filed a million-dollar lawsuit demanding the vagrant vamoose from the sidewalk grate in front of his shop.
The less fortunate often loiter in front of Karl Kemp and Associates Antiques at 833 Madison Ave., standing on the small grate for heat, but Kemp says they're cooling off his business by blocking the shop window...
"You make a wonderful effort to have an attractive window, people come out from the building next door, they don't see him and they trip over him," he said. "It happened twice last August. One lady hurt herself." (Emphasis mine)

That's awful! I mean, what are the homeless doing trying to get warm in front of this poor man's shop?! Don't they see they're ruining the wonderful effort that he spends to have an attractive window? Rich people don't want to see bums getting warm when they're on the way to pay entirely too much money for a piece of furniture- it makes them feel uncomfortable! And uncomfortable rich people do not Patrons of Over Priced Antiques make! Which hurts business!!!

Seriously. What are they going to do- repossess this dude’s house? Maybe his car? Maybe they’ll just impound his shopping cart until he pays.

And what about the lady who "hurt herself"? All you have to do to avoid a Tripped Over A Homeless Person and Broke a Hip accident is to look where you're going. If you hurt yourself falling over a full grown person sitting on the street, you don't deserve to walk.


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