Friday, November 03, 2006


The internet is a horrible device for those of us with a mild case of hypochondria. I wonder if emergency rooms have seen an increase in people coming for weird illnesses they’re convinced they have due to Googling their symptoms. For example, here is an exchange that occurred between the two contributors of Very Important Blog this afternoon:

Hope: There's a website titled "All About My Vagina" and it’s at HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Lucy: Hahaha did you see this in the back of Bitch Magazine or something? It looks like it's right up their alley, so to speak.

Hope: No when I was googling symptoms. The internet is a horrible device for hypochondriacs...

Lucy: I KNOW! This year I thought I had a neurological problem, diabetes and herpes all because of the internet.

Hope: HAHAHAHA. I thought I had the betes too back when my hands were going numb! What neurological problem did you think you had?

Lucy: I had my hand numbness, and muscle spasms at the same time. I thought I had like Parkinsons or MS or something. And then when you go a googlin', and they're like "do you pee alot? Well, it may be cancer."

Hope: HAHAHAHA or you could be pregnant.

Lucy: Maybe I'm pregnant with a fetus with a neurological condition!


Terrible. Just terrible. :)

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Noelle said...

I have so many vauge symptoms all the time, that I probably could diagnose myself with any known disease. Except scabies. Never had scabies.