Wednesday, October 18, 2006


There is a problem with sitting in the office that has the communal mini-fridge. Actually, there are TWO problems with sitting in the office that has the communal mini-fridge.

Problem #1: Anytime anyone comes in to take something OUT of the communal mini-fridge it causes the smell of whatever resides in said mini-fridge to permeate your entire workspace. This is made worse by the fact that a) you have no control over what stank leftovers people put in the fridge- remember...its communal- and b) all you ever have in there is a half finished diet Pepsi- which does not smell when left in a fridge for a reasonable amount of time. So, the noxious odors you are forced to endure anytime anyone opens the fridge are not in any way a product of your own actions.

Problem #2: You are not the only one who has a sense of smell. This means that anyone coming into your office (who isn't part of the community who shares the communal mini-fridge) connects the noxious odor with you- especially because the mini-fridge is hidden behind a table in the back of the room. I know for a fact that if someone's office continually smells food-ish (I say food-ISH because cold leftovers never quite smell like the food did when it was warm) that you begin to wonder if it's the person that's always sitting there that gives off this odor. Like maybe they cook nasty food at home and as a result the smell travels with them wherever they go. Or even worse...that the smell is actually emanating from their pores. This, as we all know, is gross.

So in short, its a lose-lose situation for the poor sap that has to share a room with the communal mini-fridge, for even if no one assumes that the sap himself smells like cheese, the sap still has to endure the constant smell of cheese hovering in the air all around them.

It’s a bad deal. A very bad deal.

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