Friday, March 02, 2007


February is the blahist month ever.

In February's defense, its not really February's FAULT...its nothing having to do with the personality of February, I'm sure that February is a very nice and intelligent month...and its not February's FAULT that it happens to occur in the United States during the yuckiest time of year. That blah time when everyone is sick of winter but its not spring yet and the weather just can't ever get it right. So, don't worry Februrary, I'm sure that someone loves you- probably someone in the southern hemisphere where its summer- but...much as I hate to say it to your face...that someone is not me. And, just as the styles of the 1980's overstepped their boundaries and coated the Early 90's with Aqua Net- the Ick of Februrary tends to ooze right over the line and infect March too.

That being said, imagine my joy- my utter GLEE!- at finding a rainbow shining through the rainy, muddy CRAP that is March 2.

Was it a real rainbow you ask? Shining through the clouds as I drove to work today? No. Don't be silly. That wouldn't cause GLEE! - Wonder and Awe perhaps- but not GLEE!

No, my friends, the visual image that caused my day, month, week, and most likely even YEAR to brighten like Courtney Love's unfortunate gold lame frock was:


I highly recommend FourFour in general, I check in daily and it rarely fails to amuse, but the real gem within the Witty Words of Wisdom and Whimsy is Winston the Cat. And the series of pictures posted today is the Shiny Gold Star upon the Winston Christmas Tree.

Do go and see. Go pay homage to the Point of Light within this blah February/March season. Won't you? Won't you go and and see? It'll change your life.


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