Thursday, October 19, 2006


Here at This Very Important Blog, we care about the politics of all our neighbors-even those who are currently members of the animal kingdom-and today, I believe I stumbled upon a community of Communist Squirrels.

How do I know they were communists you may ask? Let me explain.

While driving through a nearby neighborhood on the way back from lunch (Chipotle..MMMMM), my companion noticed that there were a lot of dead squirrels littering the road. After remarking that she was indeed correct, that there did seem to be a fair amount of deceased squirrels lying about, I made a comment about how maybe it's just because there are a lot of squirrels around there. Now, I meant this in more of a "maybe there are a lot of squirrels around here so that the ratio of squirrels deceased compared to the number of squirrels alive is actually relatively small." But instead, my companion took it as...maybe there are so many squirrels that some are taking it upon themselves die so that the rest can live. So I said, "what, like for the good of the group?"

So we agreed that this was indeed a logical conclusion. That maybe the squirrels lying in the road are there because it was their time to show their loyalty to The Cause. That the Community of Squirrels is more important that the Individual Squirrel, and if there isn't enough food for all of them...then someone has to Make the Ultimate Sacrifice.

Maybe today it was Rodney Squirrel's time to put his life aside. Aside for all of Squirrel Kind (or at least those living in this particular neighborhood...).

Perhaps it went like this:

Run Rodney!...It'll be quick...think of how much it will mean to the Community!!!


(thump THUMP)

Sigh...that Rodney...he was such a good squirrel.

Can we all please have a moment of silence for Rodney?

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