Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Costume parties and elementary school teachers aside, it’s disconcerting seeing Grown Ass People wandering about the workplace (or other public places) in costumes. I’m not talking a pair of cat ears here…or devil horns…or a witches hat…or even an ugly but festive sweatshirt with matching earrings- I’m talking about a full blown From-the-Weird-Headpiece-Down-to-the-Shoes COSTUME.

I don’t know…I just find it very hard to conduct myself in a professional manner when the person I'm talking to is dressed as say…a Fairy…or Slutty Dorothy…or a Vampire with Very Badly Applied Foundation.

Now, if the whole office is having a costume party, or contest or something…that’s different. But if the office is NOT having a party and there was not some kind of general “we’re going to wear costumes” consensus…

…then it just looks like you’re a refugee from Neverland Ranch.

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