Tuesday, October 24, 2006


From Style Magazine, November 2006 issue:

"Make sure your bra lifts your breasts to the right height by taking this test: Measure the distance from the top of your shoulder to the crook of your elbow. Now find the midpoint. Your nipples should be parallel to this point. If they're below it, try tightening your bra straps a bit."

Breasts have a "right height"? I always figured the "right height" was "not sagging" but apparently I am not in the Fashion Know. I mean, some people have a hard enough time mastering the effort it takes to put on a bra, let alone to use math to see if your nipples are where they should be.

(Separate but related issue: Speaking of nipples...can we speak on the issue of going braless for a moment? Ladies...even if your boobs are on the small side...that does NOT mean that you can go braless all willy-nilly, because you STILL HAVE NIPPLES. Little or not, one can TELL when someone is not wearing the proper support, even if for the sole reason that you can still see nipples poking through. Please, for the sake of the public...even if you have teeny weeny boobies...support them in SOME way, even if it's not by wearing a full out bra. Nobody wants to see all that.)

Anyway...back to this "right height":
I for one, have never had anyone mention that my or anyone else's breasts seem to be at the wrong height.

Who made up this rule? And more importantly...

...how many people are actually going to spend time measuring and doing the math once they read the article?

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Lucy Lake said...

Both Hope and Lucy have great racks, regardless of nipple position. Also, don't people tend to have their girls as high as they can get? Or is that just me...